Lactation Services

What we will cover

- Preparing both Mom & Dad for breastfeeding
- How to breastfeed in different positions
- The difference between breast and bottle
- How often babies nurse
- Knowing that baby is getting enough to eat.
- Common foods to avoid if baby is fussy
- Choosing a Pump
- Learning how to clean your pump
- Fixing problems that are common
- What are the "Must Haves" in your pump bag
- Answer any questions you may have

One Time Prenatal or Postpartum Visit $50


  I will come to your home and help you with your concerns and questions. I will also observe you and baby nursing and gather information from you. We will troubleshoot the bast way to nurse for you and your baby. I will ask you about personal medical history having to do with breastfeeding.

I will give both hands on and verbal recommendations if you request I will give you a fallow-up summery of my visit for your reference.

On Going Support for the First Year $500

Many studies have shown that on-going breastfeeding support can be key to ones breastfeeding success. As babies needs change, these changes can also effect your milk supply.

- I will meet with you before baby is born to answer questions along with teach breastfeeding basics. I will learn your long term breastfeeding plans so that I can help you to achieve your goals.

- I will come to you when you are in labor so that we can ensure baby takes to breast right after birth! (Those first few moments make such a difference please don't forget to call me.)

- I will come over 3-7 days postpartum to observe how you and your baby are nursing together, We will make sure breastfeeding is as comfortable possible and that you will have the best milk supply possible. (Breastfeeding comes with a learning curve sometimes we can get it right on the first go, sometimes it might take a bit)

- I will visit you again 3-6 weeks postpartum to provide additional support as you and your baby are in a routine. (A lot of women are worried at this appointment that their breast are now soft and their milk is going away. Don't worry, this change is due to your supply and demand balancing out.)

- I will be available to you by phone or text to answer any questions or have more visits at your request over the coming year.


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